• Jason Bradbury
     Ruth has been treating me for years. My issues are generally the result of the active lifestyle I lead, which generally involves extreme adrenaline activities, usually for my job on TV. At 47 I also experience age-related aches and pains. Ruth has a deep, technical and broad-reaching command of chiropractic. Importantly, she is also naturally empathetic and her calm, sunny disposition provides a tangible lift every time I visit. I cannot recommend her clinic highly enough.
    Jason Bradbury www.jasonbradbury.com
    Jason Bradbury
  • David Mawson
    Highly recommend Ruth. A friendly Chiro with strong hands!
    David Mawson
  • Gabriela Collins
    I can't recommend Arthur Kyeyune at Elphick Clinic enough, if you're in need for deep tissue massage therapy. I have been having treatments with him for quite a few months and not only is he immensely knowledgeable with the workings of the body, but is talented, gentle but strong and very charming. He always finds the exact right spot to treat and is the only therapist that I've seen, which have been many, that seems to be making a difference. to my aching body. He obviously has a gift!
    Gabriela Collins
  • Marnie Bradbury (Age: 12)
     I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis in some of my joints. I could hardly walk and I was on Methotrexate and Steroids. We knew there was another way, my mum used food and Ruth used Chiropractic and now I am symptom free and can walk and do anything other children can do. She is a lovely and very kind person and I don't know what I would do without her. Thanks Ruth!
    Marnie Bradbury (Age: 12)
  • Sarah Macnaught
    Ruth has insight, intuition, professional knowledge, empathy and a wonderful smile - a rare bundle for any practitioner.  More importantly, she has a very firm grip on my physical issues!  Ruth has been a godsend to me and my athletic children for over a decade now and I am thrilled to see her own clinic flourish so quickly.
    Sarah Macnaught
  • Ted Sackett
    I am a 73 year old man who has Cerebral palsy and have been in pain for many years, I have seen lots of doctors and specialists that have helped me to a point, but I have to say with all the help I have had over the years Ruth has been the one that stands out for me.!!!! She has been helping and supporting me over 6 years now, and has never let me down. If it wasn’t for her I would not be able to do half the things that I can do, she has been a friend and has given me time and compassion when I have needed her. I am therefore in her debt and I feel so lucky to have known her, just wished there were more people like her.
    Ted Sackett
  • Mike Hughes
    I first visited Ruth some 6 years ago with a long term knee injury. Where many others had failed, Ruth significantly improved not just my knee but the knock-on effect it had had on my hip and back and I have continued to visit her for topup treatments ever since. She is conscientious, expert and has an outstanding ability to rapidly pinpoint the root cause of problems.
    Mike Hughes
    (former English National Coach for Squash), Sussex
  • Dr. Bailey
    Having suffered from a recurring back problem since my teens (30 yrs ago!), I have visited numerous physiotherapists, chiropractors and Alexander Technique practitioners before I discovered Ruth and I can honestly say she is the best. She really is amazing - she has managed to stop even the worst of attacks of muscle spasms. I couldn’t have survived my pregnancy without her. She is flexible when you need an appointment, kind and understanding and of course incredibly good at what she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of chiropractic care.
    Dr. Bailey
  • Nina
    Rebecca spent an unhurried afternoon supporting me with breastfeeding and enabled me to become confident within myself.  She is gentle and caring and I always felt like I could call on her when I needed.