Mandeep Nandhra D.O., BSc (Ost), Dip AC.

Mandeep Nandhra graduated in 1997 with a BSc, D.O. in Osteopathy, and went on to study Acupuncture in Beijing, China, where she also worked in Beijing Hospital.

On her return to the UK she undertook a two years Masters Level in Traditional Chinese Medicine to further enhance her skills and knowledge in that field. Mandeep has a special interest in Acupuncture care and treatment in pregnancy.

As a well respected Osteopath she went on to publish a book on Osteopathic technique and has spent time lecturing both in the UK and internationally, in 2007 she was one of two Osteopaths invited to lecture at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Mandeep is always further enhancing her skills in both Osteopathy and Acupuncture as she is committed to excellence in patient care.

She is dedicated to offering the best treatment possible, therefore practices the well known manipulation techniques used by Osteopaths alongside gentler methods such as Thompson Terminal Point Technique,and Koren Specific Technique.

Mandeep Nandhra has been helping people lead healthier, more energetic lives by providing noninvasive and non-surgical wellness treatment.

Mandeep's straight forward and highly effective approach achieves long term health results for her patients and allows them to lead active lives.

Mandeep is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the Associaton of Traditional Chinese Medicine.