Lesley Corbet ITEC, IFA, CSTA, IAIM, MFHT.

Lesley qualified in both ITEC Physical Therapy and IFA Aromatherapy in 1991. She later qualified in ITEC Reflexology, CSTA Cranio-Sacral Therapy and has a certification with IAIM in teaching infant massage. Lesley’s interest in fertility, pregnancy, preparation for childbirth, treating babies and children increased following the births of her three beautiful children. This led to further post-graduate training in these areas of expertise including maternity reflexology, Cranio-Sacral for babies and children, Swiss reflex therapy, Clinical aromatherapy and others. She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).

Lesley has been practicing complementary therapy in clinics throughout London, West Middlesex Hospital, The Royal Star & Garter Home and with stroke victims and MS sufferers for the last 26 years. Her reputation precedes her and we are very excited to have her at the Elphick Clinic.

“My aim is to encourage the body’s self-healing abilities and to provide a nurturing space in which to achieve this. I treat emotional wellbeing with equal importance to physical health. The treatments are relaxing and enjoyable as well as having huge health benefits - combining sensitivity with a down to earth approach.”