Rebecca Tieken, RM BSc (Hons)

After getting her first degree in Biology in 2002, Rebecca realised her interest was specifically focused on pregnancy and holistic midwifery. So, after several years abroad, Rebecca returned to London where she graduated with a First Class Honours Midwifery degree. After several years working in a busy west London hospital, she furthered her training by attending Ina May Gaskin’s advanced midwifery workshop at The Farm Midwifery Centre in Tennessee in 2013. The skills Rebecca learnt there are traditional midwifery skills that are being lost in today’s obstetric world such as supporting upright breech birth and natural twin births.

Rebecca works as an independent midwife. Independent midwives are midwives that work outside of the NHS, providing true continuity of care for clients for the entire duration of their pregnancy and postnatal period. Rebecca’s clients can choose to have a their babies at home, in a Birth Centre or in hospital. She is committed to providing women with a choice and her practice is tailored to suit their needs. Her experience includes support through water births, home births, hospital births, post-date pregnancies and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). At the Elphick clinic she offers pregnancy reflexology tailored to suit your needs, whether it is for relaxation purposes, to induce labour or help turn a breech baby. Other services available at the Elphick Clinic include single postnatal visits for mum and baby, antenatal education/birth preparation workshops, and breast-feeding support.

Rebecca believes pregnancy and birth are a beautiful experience and truly unique to every woman and her family and is committed to fostering a trusting relationship with her client by providing safe and evidence-based practice to empower women in their pregnancy and birth journey. Rebecca has professional indemnity insurance through Independent Midwives UK. She is also a member of the Royal College of Midwives, UNICEF trained in breastfeeding support and certified in pregnancy reflexology.